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Dinner Feature: Handmade Cannelloni

Our Cannelloni begins with top quality ingredients:

Double R Ranch Grass Fed Grain Finished Beef (sourced from the heart of the NW, family owned, sustainably raised hormone & antibiotic free) and Snake River Farms Kurobuta Gourmet Pork (known for fine, abundant marbling, juicy and flavorful, raised on small family farms, all natural with no added hormones).

We combine these two top quality ingredients with our garden fresh Herbs, Garlic, Ricotta, fresh Spinach & Parmesan. All together rolled into our handmade fresh Pasta, baked with our Fresh Basil Tomato Sauce and drizzled with Parmesan Cream.

The result? This Week’s delicious Special Feature at Pogacha Mercer Island!
An excellent value at $17.50 (which includes a House Salad) or $32 if you want to Make It A Double!

Fun Food Fact: An Italian recipe that is now more popular outside Italy than in its country of origin is Cannelloni, brought to Barcelona in the 19th century by a number of Italian chefs working in the kitchens of the city’s upper middle classes. The recipe soon spread like wildfire through all social classes and appeared in Catalan cookery books by the early 20th century. Cannelloni is Italian for ‘large reeds” referring to the cylindrical shaped pasta… filled, baked and covered in sauce.

(This special available nightly while supplies last)