Since 1997 Pogacha has been owned by Brad and Lisa Cassidy, natives of Washington (with many more years in the restaurant business than we may want to admit) who firmly believe in the culinary arts, and who have adopted a love for quality food prepared simply, freshly,and with care. Our concept has always been to keep the food fresh & local, produce quality in all respects, and make as much as possible from scratch. From our famous Pogacha Bread to hand-selected Fresh Fish, to brined Chicken and scratch Sauces—we’re not trendy, we’re not fancy, we are high quality at a reasonable price!!!!

The name “Pogacha” is a Croatian term referring to the “soft, chewy flatbread” (pogaca) native to Croatia. Our Pogacha’s are freshly made twice daily, formed by hand, and baked in our wood-fired oven. Our main oven inside is an import from Europe brought over many years ago… Likely the oldest wood-fired oven around here! It is original, rustic & beautifully seasoned.

We feature a Northwest menu with the added flair of the Adriatic, fresh herbs started from seedlings in the family garden in Croatia, and an exceptional wine list which enables you to enjoy quality wine at a truly reasonable price, whether you are a wine connoisseur or wine novice.

On behalf of all of our Pogacha Family we welcome you to Pogacha. ZIVIO!